May 31, 2018

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Annual Open Board Meeting
DSA Memorial Scholarship Winners
Spring 2018 Dalcroze Connections
Le Rythme Available to Members
A Dalcroze Question for You

Annual Open Board Meeting

Come join the discussion, we want to hear from you!

Each June, we invite the Dalcroze Society of America membership to join us in a virtual town hall meeting. This year we will meet on Thursday June 21, 2018 at 9 pm EDT (8 pm Central, 7 pm Mountain, and 6 pm Pacific).

It gives us in the Board of Trustees a chance to find out what you think, and you a chance to ask us questions about the DSA and weigh in on how we're serving you, our membership. 

Topics will include welcoming new DSA Chapters, the DSA's website redesign, T2 Training Programs, and more!

As the date approaches keep an eye out for more details. We hope you can attend and look forward to getting together!

DSA Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to this year's Scholarship Winners! The Scholarship Task Force received applications from across the USA and awarded scholarships to five applicants. Many members of the Task Force commented that all of the applicants were deserving – we all wish we had more money to spend!

2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients:

Tess Degan
Leslie Frost
Mira Larson
Guy Mendilow
Laura Wiebe

Are you interested in applying for funding to study Dalcroze? You can find more information online. Applications will open later this year.

Spring 2018 Dalcroze Connections

Last week, the DSA released the most recent edition of Dalcroze Connections, our magazine.

Inside you'll find inspiring articles, valuable pedagogy, important announcements, and more. Read it online today!

Le Rythme Available to Members

Did you know that you can read Le Rythme online for free? This journal, published by FIER, contains invaluable research and articles on the international presence of Dalcroze education.

You'll even find articles by DSA Members Monica Dale and Jack Stevenson. 

Read it online here!

A Dalcroze Question for You

A great strength of Dalcroze education is the wide range of styles and practices that can be used, and we’d like to hear (and share) a bit about your own teaching methods and experience.

Summer is almost here! For those of us unable to participate in a Dalcroze summer workshop, what are some ways to maintain momentum through the warmer months?

Let us know what you think by replying to this email. Look for the results in next month’s newsletter!

Leslie Upchurch responded to last month's question about seasonal repertoire: "I do seasonal, some holiday related (not religious holidays), and even weather related songs in my classes."


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