2017 Virtual Town Hall

General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 9 pm EDT, via FreeConferenceCall.com

513-386-0000, access code 149178#



  1. Click on the link to the attendance list and add your name so the meeting minutes will reflect your participation.
  2. After calling in to 513-386-0000, access code 149178#, please "mute" your phone line to limit the amount of background noise on the call.
  3. Take note of the number for texting us (732-647-6931) or the email address for emailing us (President@DalcrozeUSA.org) during the meeting.
  4. When you want to speak about a particular topic, send a short text or email with your name and the topic you want to speak about. 
  5. When the meeting chair recognizes you, you'll have about one minute to comment or question. Be sure to turn off your mute function when you speak and then remember to kindly turn the mute back on when you finish.
  6. The meeting chair will cover the agenda in segments of about three to five minutes and then pause for responses. It will help us move the meeting along if you can send your text or email during the segment in question and prior to the pause. 
  7. We've allowed for about ten minutes at the end of the presentation for general questions regarding topics not covered in the agenda, or follow-up questions you were unable to ask earlier on.
  8. We will try to adjourn at 10 pm EDT. However, not wanting to cut off discussion, and depending on the number who are in attendance, we may have to spill past that time and beg your patience in that event. Those who cannot stay on the call after 10 pm EDT can e mail their questions or comments to the email address. We will be happy to follow up.


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Motion to Adjourn