Promoting Dalcroze: Dalcroze Quotes and Testimonials

DSA Members can use these quotes in marketing materials, including posters, email announcements, and press releases.

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From pedagogues:

“All musical truth resides in the body” - Meredith Monk


From participants:

"Dalcroze is particularly exciting to me because it allows [the] vital creative aspects of music making to be honed and explored while enhancing the rigor of the musicianship training we provide." - Dana Zenobi

"...I was awakened to the realization that I could once again hear more clearly, feel more deeply, and see my way to a greater understanding of the multiple manners in which 'music is life.'" - Patricia Shehan Campbell 

7 years ago I was invited by our "Music Together" teacher to watch Jeremy Dittus teach a class to see if it would be a good fit for our son to move up into next. All the parents left the room jaws dropped, and my son has taken classes ever since!” - Jocasta Champion

“[Dalcroze is] the moment you understand a concept at a deep level after experiencing it multiple ways. Discovery!” - Lee Ellen Evans



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