DSA Three-fold Mission

1. Build community
2. Sustain the practice
3. Increase awareness
  1. Build and strengthen the community of Dalcroze practitioners.
    1. Facilitate networking and collaboration among members via:
      1. Meetings,
      2. Workshops,
      3. Conferences,
      4. Online tools,
      5. Other “insider” activities/events.
    2. Enable members to work together to achieve the shared goals we can't achieve on our own.
    3. Expand the network of local chapters, chapter divisions, and other entities;
      1. Support individual practitioners’ efforts,
  2. Sustain, advance, and grow the practice of Dalcroze Education in the USA.
    1. Assemble and manage essential resources, including:
      1. Money,
      2. Information, knowledge, skill, expertise,
      3. Identity, pride, prestige, credibility,
      4. Energy, renewal, regeneration.
    2. Deliver these resources to the community
      1. via workshops, conferences, and other "insider" events;
      2. via “trade” publications (print and online) for “insiders”;
      3. via financial and consultative assistance.
  3. Increase general awareness and appreciation of Dalcroze Education
    1. Spread understanding of the artistic & pedagogical principles of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze
      1. via introductory workshops, symposia, and demonstrations;
      2. via literature (print and online) for the uninitiated.
    2. Generate a “buzz” around the practice.
    3. Identify prospective community members and enable them to become actual members
    4. Build a larger following.