Promoting Dalcroze: Event Design and Timeline

Planning and hosting a successful event can feel a bit overwhelming at first: there are a lot of moving parts. But you can make the process manageable by breaking it down into its component parts. By designing a timeline and hanging specific actions on it, you can set forth how the various steps you need to take will unfold over the time leading up to the event. And developing the timeline will force you to spell out what each of these steps will entail while also enabling you to set a manageable pace for their execution.


Event Management Timeline: A Suggested Overview


8-12 weeks before the event: Conceive the event


6-8 weeks before the event: Get the word out


4-6 weeks before the event: Generate buzz


The week before the event: Remind participants to show up


The day before the event:


The day of the event: Present a successful event


In the week after the event: Thank-yous and creating community



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