Promoting Dalcroze: Preparing a Poster

It is likely that the first thing potential participants will see about your event is the poster, so it is critical that what you create is eye-catching and easy to read. It should contain the essential information and highlight the most important aspect of your event.


Poster Examples


Poster Example 1

(Event: “Getting Young Musicians to Improvise”)


Poster Example 2

(Event: “Dalcroze Workshop with Dr. Bill Bauer”)


Poster Example 3

(Event: “Dalcroze Eurhythmics Workshop”)

Once upon a time you needed to hire a graphic designer to produce a professional-quality flier/poster. Nowadays there are a wealth of online services that can help you do it in practically no time. Whatever platform you use, your flier/poster needs to anticipate the questions a potential participant could ask, and prioritize information according to size and other features. It should take exploit powerful images [follow this link to high resolution images of Dalcroze workshops] to draw attention to the verbal content, which should convey the following information: 

What: What is the event called and who is leading the event? What is the primary audience?

Where: Where is the event?

When: What time is the event?

How: How do I register? Is there a fee for the event, and if so, how much?

Who: Who do I contact for more information? Is it a phone number, email address, and/or website?

 Remember to include the DSA Logo on the poster, along with any other sponsoring organizations.


The golden rule of poster design is that less is more.


Go easy on your reader’s eyes. Minimize the amount of text on the poster, instead feature high-quality photos and eye-catching colors. Leave gaps the potential participant will fill in, rather than spell out every last detail. Whenever possible provide a link to a website, and/or an email address, and include the more lengthy description there.

DSA Members can find high-quality, publication-ready photos in the Photo Archive.


Other important information:

It’s a courtesy to participants to remind them to  come “dressed comfortably for movement,” especially if you anticipate some first-time Dalcroze participants. If it’s an all-day event, will lunch be provided or should participants pack a lunch? Finally, what time does check-in begin? (Typically 30 minutes prior to the event.) It’s not necessary to include these notes on the poster, but be sure to send them via email once participants have registered.


Further reading:   This is a free online platform that the DSA has used to create posters.

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