Promoting Dalcroze: Preparing a Press Release

While press releases for DSA events and occasions are not required, they are relatively easy to put together and can often lead to a lot of free publicity. Essentially, a press release gives a newswriter all of the information they need to create an article about your event or occasion. The writer may follow up with an interview, but they shouldn’t have to.

You can adapt the example press releases included here or create your own. Ideally, the release should be distributed six weeks prior to the event or occasion to allow the editor time to consider, write, and publish.

As with everything in the Promoting Dalcroze Resource, the DSA is here to help! Contact for support creating your press release.


Press Release Examples

Press Release Example 1 (Event: “Getting Young Musicians to Improvise”)

Press Release Example 2 (Event: “Spring Dalcroze Eurhythmics Workshop”)

Press Release Example 3 (Occasion: “The 15th Anniversary of the Long Island Chapter“)

What does a press release contain?

Press releases contain the essential information for an event, including title, date/time, location, and ticket price. This information can then be used by a news writer to create an article or event listing for their readers.

CONTACT: Jane Doe, (412) 555-2753 or

For the editor: “Jane Doe, (412) 555-2573”
For the public: “Green Meadows Music School, (412) 555-3296”

The Dalcroze approach teaches an understanding of music – its fundamental concepts, its expressive meanings, and its deep connections to other arts and human activities – through groundbreaking techniques incorporating rhythmic movement, aural training, and physical, vocal, and instrumental improvisation.

Where do I send the release? 

This is up to you, but the DSA recommends sending it to local newspapers and magazines (print and digital), online arts blogs, related arts organizations, and local colleges/universities. Spend a little time researching to whom to direct the release; get it to the right person at each publication. You can easily find this on a website, and once you’ve collected you list of relevant media contacts, you’ll know where to send your next press release.

Don’t forget to send the DSA a copy of your press release! We’re happy to spread the word through our website, newsletters, and social media.


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