Promoting Dalcroze: Event Scope and Purpose

Prior to any event promotion, secure a venue and presenter. What will the event be titled? What time will it be held? Develop your marketing plan as you create the event, as these go hand-in-hand with attracting participants.

Determine the scope of the event. Will it include a reception, a children’s demonstration class, travel, overnight stay, etc.? How long will it be? Is it a one-day workshop or multiple?

Is the presenter coming in from out of town? Read about visiting presenters here.

Do you plan to host a reception? Read about receptions here.

When brainstorming the event, consider the following:


Registration Platforms

The DSA often relies on RegOnline for its event registration, including workshops and the National Conference. The website allows event hosts to collect participant information and assess payments automatically. The DSA can assist you in creating the registration form. (There is a fee for the RegOnline service.)

Many chapters choose to handle pre-registration over email or a Google Form. These are easy to use, but do require more leg-work by the host to ensure all participants are recorded and charged properly. Registration fees are charged separately, often via check or through PayPal.

If you are planning a reception or otherwise need an accurate count of attendee numbers, you should close registration with enough time to finalize these details. For instance, a reception requires the caterers to secure and plan for a specific number of guests. Use this registration deadline on marketing materials to be sure participants are aware.



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