Music. Movement. Improvisation.


Dalcroze Education is joyful and gives everyone the freedom to express what music means to them.

Dalcroze education is a playful, experiential approach to teaching and learning music. Through movement, ear-training, and improvisation, students of any age can unlock the music within their body.

Recent Blog Posts

Conversations on Undoing Racism (May 2024)

The DSA began our monthly “Conversations on Undoing Racism” in August of 2020, in response to the events surrounding the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. We have met every month, except one, since then. Here is an excerpt from a participant’s email response to a ...
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The Follow: A Reaction of Nuance

The follow is a uniquely American Dalcroze teaching strategy and combines elements of association, dissociation, improvisation, and group exercise. Here, Leslie Upchurch describes the elements that comprise a follow activity, as well as several examples of how to use the follow when teaching students of various ages. My first Dalcroze ...
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Improvisation in the Dalcroze Classroom

Along with eurhythmics and solfège, improvisation is one part of Jaques-Dalcroze’s tripartite description of his system of music education. Often associated with on-the-spot instrumental creations, Michael Joviala illuminates how this subject reaches beyond the instrument, the exercise, and the notes. In this article, you will find diverse manifestations of improvisation ...
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Board Chair’s Letter

Most of the work of the DSA happens in committees staffed with volunteers. It is my great pleasure to work with all these committees and their leaders. Thank you for the unique and valuable contributions of these volunteers; the DSA would not exist without you. In this edition, I want ...
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Editor’s Letter

The past few years I’ve spent as chair of the Dalcroze USA publications committee have been more rewarding than I could have imagined.  As a mother of three young daughters, I’ve had to take a major pause from most of my music career for the time being, but I keep ...
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DSA National Conference: Rhythmic Frontiers

The 2024 National Conference is rapidly approaching! Registration is now open for Rhythmic Frontiers, which will take place at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music from June 6 - 8. "Rhythmic Frontiers" beckons participants to explore new territories in sound and motion. As frontiers symbolize the unknown and untapped, this theme ...
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