Spring 2018 "Dalcroze Connections" Now Available!

We're thrilled to share this special edition of our Spring 2018 Issue of Dalcroze Connections, which features contributions from an international roster of authors covering topics relevant to teachers practicing Dalcroze education not only here in the USA, but across the globe. We have taken the opportunity of this reissue to revise content included in the first edition so it more accurately reflects the perspective of our global readership. Many thanks to all who worked hard to prepare it for release.

Students of the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze, Geneva

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Spring 2018: Dalcroze Connections Vol.3, No.2, 2nd Edition

Fall 2017: Dalcroze Connections Vol.3, No.1 

Spring 2017: Dalcroze Connections Vol.2, No.1

Fall 2016: Dalcroze Connections Vol.1, No.2

Spring 2016: Dalcroze Connections Vol.1, No.1


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"Dalcroze is particularly exciting to me because it allows [the] vital creative aspects of music making to be honed and explored while enhancing the rigor of the musicianship training we provide." Dana Zenobi

"...I was awakened to the realization that I could once again hear more clearly, feel more deeply, and see my way to a greater understanding of the multiple manners in which 'music is life.'" Patricia Shehan Campbell