Music. Movement. Improvisation.


Dalcroze Education is joyful and gives everyone the freedom to express what music means to them.

Dalcroze Education is a playful, experiential approach to teaching and learning music. Through movement, ear-training, and improvisation, students of any age can unlock the music within their body.

Recent Posts

Improvisation Dice Game

Ever feel stuck in an 'improvisation rut'? We all depend on well-learned chord progressions and patterns, but sometimes Dalcrozians (and improvising musicians in general) need a little inspiration to find their way to something new. One remedy is by listening to others play. One of the great benefits of the ...
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Introducing: “Dalcroze Education for Youth”

Designed for New Dalcroze Teachers Have you ever taught a Dalcroze class to children ages 4-6? Or perhaps you are working on the pedagogy requirements towards Dalcroze certification and plan to do your practice teaching with this age group? Maybe you are thinking of creating a new course for 4-6 ...
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Canons in the Dalcroze Classroom

When I was 8 or 9 years old, my mother had me listen to Franck’s Violin and Piano Sonata – she had just bought the LP and she thought I’d be interested in the 4th movement. We were the sort of family that was always singing rounds, but this was the ...
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Musical Explorations into Meter

Part of a series of posts on the ‘musical subjects‘ I am working with in my classrooms and thinking about as a musician and teacher. You can find more of my writing on music and teaching from a Dalcroze perspective on my blog at  I often turn to Walter ...
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Using Recorded Music in a Dalcroze Class

Today’s Dalcroze teacher has easy access to a world of recorded sound that would have been unfathomable to M. Jaques. How do we take advantage of this rich resource and still retain the essence of eurhythmics? Louise Mathieu helps us sort through the issues in this reprint from the American ...
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Looking at the Differently-Abled 

In my last blog entry, I wrote about our recent online discussion on Dalcroze Eurhythmics with differently-abled bodies, and shared a couple of personal stories that arose, some from the perspective of a student with a disability, some from the perspective of a teacher working with students with disabilities. I ...
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