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Dalcroze Education is joyful and gives everyone the freedom to express what music means to them.

Dalcroze Education is a playful, experiential approach to teaching and learning music. Through movement, ear-training, and improvisation, students of any age can unlock the music within their body.

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Eurhythmics As a Lifelong Discipline

Becoming an Opera Singer When I had to pick a concentration in my high school conservatory, I picked opera because I couldn't dance. Selection day was held in the small former chapel, with dozens of other first year applicants dancing and warming up on the hard, gray carpet; flipping their ...
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Improv Exchange

Welcome to the Improv Exchange, a new regular feature in Dalcroze Connections. In it, we'll provide inspiration to help kickstart your own improvisations at home or in class.  Composer Aaron Taylor Our inaugural column features the work of Aaron Taylor, whom Publications Committee member and editor-extraordinaire Michelle Li met during ...
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2023 National Conference Reflection

The 2023 Dalcroze Conference at Baldwin Wallace University was uplifting and expansive.  As I walked into each room, meeting others from across the country and reconnecting with a few familiar faces, I found the teaching modality that has been missing in my instruction for years. Moving with ease and beauty, ...
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Incitation and Inhibition: A Means to Internalize

by Jeremy Dittus and Eiko Ishizuka The Dalcrozian strategy/technique of incitation and inhibition exists in virtually every reaction exercise we do in eurhythmics, solfège, and improvisation. Simply put, incitation describes the desire to do something while inhibition describes the feeling of suppressing or denying that desire. Because of their symbiotic ...
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Call for Submissions: Remembering Lisa Parker

On October 7, 2022, we lost an extremely valuable and inspirational member of our community, Lisa Parker. Many people from around the country and the world have special memories of their time with Lisa, as her work touched many of us.  Below is a memoriam written by two of Lisa's ...
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Improvisation Dice Game

Ever feel stuck in an 'improvisation rut'? We all depend on well-learned chord progressions and patterns, but sometimes Dalcrozians (and improvising musicians in general) need a little inspiration to find their way to something new. One remedy is by listening to others play. One of the great benefits of the ...
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