Music. Movement. Improvisation.


Dalcroze Education is joyful and gives everyone the freedom to express what music means to them.

Dalcroze Education is a playful, experiential approach to teaching and learning music. Through movement, ear-training, and improvisation, students of any age can unlock the music within their body.

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Meet 2022 Keynote Speaker Mary Dobrea-Grindahl

The 2022 Conference is just around the corner and early registration is now open! If you know Mary and have seen her teach, you know how lucky we are to be welcoming her as our Keynote Speaker. Mary Dobrea-Grindahl, Diplôme Supérieur, enjoys a multi-faceted teaching and performing career at Baldwin Wallace University, where she ...
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Undoing Racism

This reflection was written on August 7, 2021 July 25 was our twelfth Zoom meeting, marking the one-year anniversary of our monthly sessions discussing “undoing racism in music education.” I hosted the meeting on Zoom from my AirBnB in Dallas, TX, where I was teaching and learning at the Dalcroze ...
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Eiko Ishizuka in Conversation with Melissa Tucker

This interview was conducted May 11th, 2021 Melissa Tucker:  In 2019 you earned the Diplôme Supérieur, the highest level of Dalcroze achievement, from L’Institut Jaques-Dalcroze in Geneva, Switzerland. Along with Eri Inoue, Sachiko Muranaka and Kayo Nakaaki you are one of only four Japanese women to attain this credential. Tell ...
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Undoing Racism, May 2021

I am writing this the day after President Biden’s first address to Congress, where he stood, for the first time in US history, in front of two women leaders of the house: Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris. I am heartened that President Biden is diversifying leadership in ...
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Behind the Scenes of the Dalcroze Lab

Jeanette Wong in Conversation with Bill Bauer The first Dalcroze Lab was launched in January of 2021, led by Silvia Del Bianco, director of the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze in Geneva. The idea behind the Dalcroze Lab is to revisit workshop sessions taped at past DSA National Conferences, such as the one ...
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Improv Corner: Fourth Ree to One

This is a kind of two-for-one composition. In addition to the “disappearing division” rhythmic construction, there is an association at work here. Do you see it? Half notes are played as fourths, dotted quarters as thirds and quarters as seconds. The metric system may be interesting for the eurythmics classroom, ...
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