The Dalcroze Society of America Memorial Scholarship provides funding for study at an accredited teacher training program. Find application instructions and requirements here.

Updated July 17, 2020

Each year, in honor of beloved Dalcroze educators Fran Aronoff, Arthur Becknell, John Colman, Brunhilde Dorsch, Elsa Findlay, and Henrietta Rosenstrauch, the Dalcroze Society of America awards a limited number of Memorial Scholarships to help future Dalcroze teachers study at accredited Dalcroze teacher training programs in the United States or abroad.

Consistent with the DSA’s mission, the purpose of this program is to sustain, advance, and grow the practice of Dalcroze Education in the USA by providing financial aid to students living in the USA who plan to attend an accredited Dalcroze teacher training program and pursue Dalcroze certification. If this description applies to you, we encourage you to apply.

COVID-19 Update: Several Dalcroze Teacher Training Programs are offering their summer courses online in response to the limitations on social gathering the COVID-19 pandemic imposes. The DSA's Professional Development Committee has decided to extend a one-time exception to the rule that scholarship recipients may only use their awards for in-person, onsite study. If you are a DSA Memorial Scholarship recipient, please contact the DSA for more information.

2020 Scholarship Applications are now closed.

Applications for 2021 will open this fall.

Dalcroze call on us to use expressive gestures to give shape to music.

Significant Changes in the 2020-2021 Granting Cycle

  • Merit-based applications no longer require proof of financial need. Applications are due February 1.
  • Need-based scholarships are reviewed on a rolling basis, but limited funds are available. We recommend applicants submit early in the cycle.
  • A streamlined application requests only basic information about the applicant, the program they wish to attend, reference contact information, and a résumé.
  • Applicants do not submit a personal statement
  • After submitting the application, both applicants and referees will be invited to fill out a questionnaire about the applicant’s Dalcroze training.
  • The questionnaire is only available during a limited, two-week window. (February 1-15 for merit-based scholarships.)
  • There is no application fee, but all applicants must be current DSA members. (Student memberships are $25/year.)

How to Apply

In order to receive consideration, all applicants must submit the following information:

    1. Personal contact information
    2. Personal résumé
    3. Which DSA scholarship(s) you would like to be considered for
      1. (Merit-based scholarship and/or need-based scholarship.)
    4. Information about the accredited Dalcroze teacher training program you plan to attend:
      1. Program name/location
      2. Dates of session
      3. Level of Dalcroze training you are working towards
      4. Cost of tuition
    5. Name and email contact information for three references.
      1. Since these referees will be asked to assess your Dalcroze training and aptitude, we encourage you to seek qualified Dalcroze Educators.
      2. Please confirm your referee’s willingness to participate.

Please submit all materials electronically.

On February 2, all applicants and referees will be emailed instructions on how to complete an assessment. For merit-based scholarship applicants, this form is due by February 15.

Curious what questions are included in the self-assessment? Preview them here.

Applicants for a need-based scholarship must make arrangements to send proof of financial need to the DSA in the form of a tax return transcript. The process may take up to 4 weeks, so we encourage you to begin the process immediately. Instructions can be found online at

Once all assessments are submitted, the DSA Scholarships Task Force will review applicants and recommend several recipients to the DSA Board of Trustees. Merit-based scholarship awards will be announced in early April.

Application Deadline

2020 Scholarship Applications are now closed.

Applications for 2021 will open this fall.

Merit-based scholarship applications due February 1, 2021.

Need-based scholarships are reviewed on a rolling basis, but limited funds are available. We recommend applicants submit early in the cycle.

Please submit all materials electronically.

Questions may be directed to

Eligibility, Rules, and Procedures

  1. Applicants must be current DSA members. (Student memberships are $25/year.)
  2. Applicants must live within the United States when applying.
  3. Scholarships may be used for summer institutes or for one-semester courses (fall or spring) within the academic year (June to May of the following year).
  4. In order to serve a number of applicants, the DSA does not grant full scholarships. DSA scholarships cover a portion of an applicant’s tuition to help defray the cost of onsite attendance.
  5. Awards can only be used at the physical site of the accredited Dalcroze teacher training program designated in the application. Awards may not be transferred to other institutions or used for virtual attendance via teleconferencing.
  6. Awards must be used within the specified granting cycle; they may not be deferred to a later granting cycle.
  7. Awards are sent directly to the institution where the recipient plans to attend. Scholarship recipients do not receive the funding directly. 
  8. The DSA Board of Trustees appoints a Scholarships Task Force Chair, who recruits members from the DSA membership. DSA Board of Trustees determines the total amount of DSA funds used for scholarships in any given granting cycle. The Scholarships Task Force determines the size of each scholarship, taking into account the total amount available in the current granting cycle.
  9. The Scholarships Task Force awards scholarships primarily on the basis of demonstrated merit and/or financial need. However, it will also take the following factors into account:
    1. The applicant’s prior Dalcroze experience.
    2. The applicant’s commitment to pursuing Dalcroze certification.
    3. Whether or not the applicant has previously been awarded a DSA scholarship.
    4. Whether or not the applicant, as a previous awardee, provided a follow-up report on the training the scholarship helped to fund.
    5. The applicant’s commitment to practicing Dalcroze Education in the United States.


Support DSA Memorial Scholarships by making a contribution directly to the fund.

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Alan Berquist
Patrick Cerria
Elizabeth Chladil
Claire Happel Ashe
Yeji Kim
Mira Larson
Charlotte Moore
Terri Reck