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These levels indicate the depth of Dalcroze Teacher Training completed:

  • Dalcroze Certificate: Qualified to teach introductory courses in Dalcroze Education to students of any age, up to an early-intermediate level
  • Dalcroze License: Qualified to teach students of all levels in eurhythmics, solfège, improvisation, plastique animée, and pedagogy
  • Diplôme Supérieur: Representatives of the Dalcroze method; authorized to grant Dalcroze credentials and direct Dalcroze teacher-training programs

For more information, read our page on Dalcroze Credentials.

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Special topics might include Dalcroze in Early Childhood, K-12, College/University, Private Lessons, Seniors, Special Needs, or Non-Musicians.

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This listing is limited to individuals living in the USA with credentials from accredited training programs. (Since Level 1 and 2 are not themselves credentials, they would not qualify you for this list.)

All current DSA members appear in the Membership Directory, regardless of certification.

This webpage is updated periodically, so there is also a lag between submission and appearance on this list.

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Todd Anderson New York NY
Adriana Ausch-Simmel West Newton MA
Weronika Balewski Waltham MA
Jared Ballance Renton WA
Eric Barnhill San Rafael CA
Megan Bauer Evanston IL
Terry Boyarsky Cleveland Heights OH
Thomas Brotz Island Lake IL
Rachel Buchman Houston TX
Aaron Butler New York NY
Timothy Caldwell Mount Pleasant MI
Clelia Cavallaro-McKeon Haworth NJ
Patrick Cerria Westfield NJ
Angie Clemens Dayton VA
Milene Cristine Corso Zottarelli Astoria NY
Katie Couch Westminster CO
Caron Daley Pittsburgh PA
Christopher DellaPietra Burlingame CA
Jeremy Dittus Denver CO
Lisa Ecklund-Flores New York NY
Jackie Edwards-Henry Mississippi State MS
Lori Forden Morrison CO
David Gordon Teaneck NJ
Sharon Gratto Dayton OH
Gretta Harley Seattle WA
Sean Hartley New York NY
Lauren Hodgson Cleveland OH
Fumiko Honda Bauer Princeton NJ
Joy Hughes Mauldin SC
Reiko Ito Mercer Island WA
Xing Jin Bellevue WA
Michael Joviala Brooklyn NY
Yukiko Konishi New York NY
Mira Larson Salt Lake City UT
Eunjin Lee Chicago IL
Cynthia Lilley New York NY
Jayne McDonald Coraopolis PA
Skye McManus Austin TX
Twila Miller Jacksonville FL
Anthony Molinaro Valencia PA
Alice Robin Mosley San Francisco CA Also:
Fumi Nakayama Racine WI
Stephen Neely Pittsburgh PA
Natalie Ozeas Pittsburgh PA
Lisa Parker Medford MA
Molly A. Porterfield Portland OR
Dawn Pratson Philadelphia PA
Jaime Rea Pittsburgh PA
Yoriko Richman Alameda CA
Ted Rosenberger Seattle WA
Randall Sheets Mobile AL
Marilyn Shenenberger Winchester VA
Emma Shubin Longmont CO
Howard Spindler Rochester NY
John R. Stevenson Bethlehem PA
Melissa Tucker Beverly MA
Karen Williams Killeen TX
Marlene Yeni-Maitland East Brunswick NJ
Pamela Young Westerly RI
Francely Zurita College Place WA

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