Teacher Training

Dalcroze educators are part of an internationally recognized community of dedicated and curious teachers. Teacher training gives them the tools they need to teach classes or to deepen their own musicality.

Dalcroze Credentials

The credentials of Certificate, License, and Diplôme Supérieur give holders the tools to teach Dalcroze classes. See how you can begin the process.

Training Programs

Find sites where Dalcroze teacher training allows adult students to work toward a credential or gain experience with Dalcroze Education.


The Dalcroze Society of America Memorial Scholarship provides funding for study at an accredited teacher training program. Find application instructions and requirements here.

Dalcroze Heroes

Dalcroze educators are indebted to the teachers who have spent years mastering their craft. Here, we show our gratitude to these exceptional educators.

Stay in Touch

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