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Each DALCROZE LAB session allows you to join a virtual meeting to explore the process and pedagogy of Dalcroze education from anywhere

Nicole Brockmann
February 15


Karen Bescan & Terry Boyarsky
March 20


Eiko Ishizuka
April 6


Mari Izumi
May 9

Dalcroze LabWordmark WHITE@2x

Spring 2023 Season

This season features presentations by master teachers using Dalcroze in their work and sharing their expertise. Join a Zoom meeting for a presentation and live Q&A.

On-Demand Seminar Recordings

Selected recordings of past DALCROZE LAB presentations are available in the Dalcroze USA Online Store.

In addition to the seminar and Q&A with the master teacher, many also give you access to video from in-person workshops and study guides featuring musical examples and activity descriptions.