Dalcroze and Online Learning

Online learning in Dalcroze Education unlocks certain possibilities, but also comes with limitations. From the Professional Development Committee (PDC), this statement can help you make decisions about the modality of Dalcroze courses you or your child take.

Dalcroze Education is three-dimensional and is best experienced live and in-person with students and teacher moving together. Because online courses are unable to fully embrace all of the Principles of a Dalcroze Education, remote learning of Dalcroze Education works best as supplemental rather than the primary means of instruction.

Positive Attributes of Online Learning in Dalcroze Education

  1. Convenience: courses can happen anywhere, offering cost savings
  2. Courses can be easily recorded, reviewed, and distributed for increased accessibility
  3. Flexible learning possibilities that promote diversity, connecting people who might not ever meet
  4. Professors can reach a wider, more audience; students have access to a wider pool of professors
  5. Flexibility to encourage independent learning during class
  6. Provides the possibility for remote evaluation for certain skills
  7. Technology can allow for instant dissemination of class materials and information

Limitations of Online Learning in Dalcroze Education

  1. Learning environment may not be ideal:
    1. Students may have poor movement spaces
    2. Students may have noisy or distracting environments
    3. Students may have poor equipment: instruments, technology (camera, speakers, microphone, WIFI, VPN, etc.), or materials for use in the class
  2. Discovery-based learning environments are difficult to achieve
  3. Social interaction is hindered; social isolation can result
  4. Adaptation is limited among participants (students to students and students to professor)
  5. Communication (verbal and non-verbal) can be compromised
  6. It can be difficult to address the emotional needs of students through the computer interface
  7. Latency limits the ways in which we can interact (socially, physically, and musically)
  8. Recording of classes can present privacy challenges to students and professors
  9. Examinations are more cumbersome

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