Strategic Plan


Get to know our 5-year plan.

The Dalcroze Society of America Board of Trustees worked to chart the path forward for our organization.

We have committed to five strategic goals.

Strategic Plan for Website
Engagement & Awareness

Increase the number of people engaging with Dalcroze content and experiences

Increase awareness around the opportunities that the DSA and Dalcroze offer by strengthening marketing efforts for existing opportunities and materials.  Identify ways to increase membership, retain current members, expand scholarship offerings, and be open to new areas of opportunity.

Educational Resources

Increase educational resources

Increase educational resources to serve our community, encourage collaboration, and share information with our community through lesson plans, videos, Dalcroze Lab sessions, blog posts, articles, and research. Access to these resources will support current practitioners, aspiring practitioners, and educators who are curious about the work— regardless geographic location.

In-person Events

Increase in-person opportunities offered by the DSA and DSA chapters

Increase opportunities throughout the United States for anyone interested in the Dalcroze work to gather together for enrichment, education, or other activities that explore the practice.

Inclusivity & Accessibility

Be more intentionally inclusive and accessible

Be more intentionally inclusive and accessible to educators and potential educators in the following aspects: diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues; socioeconomic factors; geographic locations; and the following vocational and professional areas: higher education students and educators; classroom teachers; and private music educators.

Organizational Excellence

Strengthen organizational practices and relationships

Strengthen our organizational practices and relationships by examining our organization’s core values, developing group working agreements, further documenting best practices, and implementing or simplifying institutional protocols.

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