Organize a Workshop

Organizing a workshop is easier than you think. We'll give you the tools to organize, publicize, and successfully host a Dalcroze workshop in your area.

More Dalcroze workshops! It’s a wish we all share--and one that the DSA membership has voiced time and again. “Promoting Dalcroze” is a web resource created by the DSA to respond to this wish. Specifically, it provides online support for members who want to host workshops and other events, whether they serve to introduce the Dalcroze practice to more people or to give experienced Dalcroze teachers more advanced work in the practice.

If you don’t have much experience organizing events like workshops, then you’re in the right place. We have designed this online tool with you in mind, in order to give you a user-friendly practical guide that covers all the key points and then some. In addition, we are available to provide consultation and answer questions, and to provide other kinds of support as well. With a few workshops under your belt, you will get the hang of it, and can help us train other newcomers.

The DSA wants to help you to succeed. For further assistance, email the DSA Administrator at
Follow the links below to get started.