Fall 2022 Season

Schedule & Descriptions


Greg Ristow

— September 13 —

Dalcroze in the Choral Classroom

Tuesday, September 13 • 7–8pm ET / 4–5pm PT
How can choral teachers introduce motion into their rehearsals? Greg Ristow will explain how to use movement from eurhythmics and vocal pedagogy to enhance the singing, learning, and community experience of making music together.
A group of students sitting in a solfege class.
Neely at TEDxCMU

Stephen Neely

— October 12 —

Using Eurhythmics with Teens

Wednesday, October 12 • 7–8pm ET / 4–5pm PT

Dalcroze Eurhythmics isn't just for an elementary school general music class. Guided by Stephen Neely, learn how middle- and high-school students can benefit from music and movement education to build self-confidence and inspire musicianship.

Adriana Ausch-Simmel

— November 14 —

The Mystique of Plastique Animée

Monday, November 14 • 7–8pm ET / 4–5pm PT

Plastique animée is an artistic exercise in moving to music where participants embody or “become” a piece of music, using gesture and movement to reflect specific musical elements. Adriana explains how she leads her adult students to draw purposeful connections between music and movement—and deepen their understanding of a piece.

Hands on Piano

Michael Joviala & Leslie Upchurch

— December 8 —

Piano Improvisation for All Levels

Thursday, December 8 • 7–8pm ET / 4–5pm PT

Does improvising at the keyboard make you nervous? In Leslie Upchurch's breakout room, you can learn tips and tricks to get your beginning improv up and running in no time. Already have improv experience and looking for new ideas? In Michael Joviala's breakout room, follow a series of prompts designed to help you find your own voice. Participants have the option to self select into either instructor's breakout room.


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The DALCROZE LAB is a virtual forum for educators to explore the process and pedagogy of Dalcroze Education from anywhere. This season features presentations by master teachers using Dalcroze in their work and sharing their expertise.

Can’t join us in real time? Selected on-demand recordings are available in the Dalcroze USA Online Store.