2023 National Conference Reflection

The 2023 Dalcroze Conference at Baldwin Wallace University was uplifting and expansive. 

As I walked into each room, meeting others from across the country and reconnecting with a few familiar faces, I found the teaching modality that has been missing in my instruction for years. Moving with ease and beauty, while learning about the importance of how our bodies are music, is a genuine and honest truth. 

Some Personal Highlights:

  1. Walking around while others analyzed expression, tempo of the movement, then placing the energy on the piano.
  2. Pop music analysis through feeling compound patterns in a simple meter.
  3. The demo student lesson by Lauren Hodgson, which used colors as the note identity and creative movement to represent the expression and elements of a song.
  4. Understanding the connection of resistance and movement. 
  5. Meters of five. 
  6. Zones of mind, body, spirit. 
  7. Communication through drums, octatonic scales, the final presentation of 8 beats in groups, and so much more.
Lauren Hodgson teaches the demo class

It was my first time attending the conference, and I highly encourage others to do the same in the future. This community is full of love and brings us together.

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About Adrienne Leska

Adrienne Leska is a music teacher, educator and singer-songwriter in Cleveland, Ohio. She is currently teaching first through sixth grade general music at Buckeye Local Schools, while developing a songwriting program for children called “Positive Producing: Songwriting for the Mind, Body and Soul.” She has a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Music Education from Bowling Green State University, and her love for music and movement has been cohesive since she was little. Dalcroze is a modality that fits her soul, and continues to explore the avenue.

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