Dalcroze Society of America

Chapter Leadership Toolkit

A guide to help chapters organize their efforts and make a difference in their community.

Section 4: Workshops & Events

A guide to planning your first workshop and insuring your activities, so that everything runs smoothly.

How to Plan a Workshop

The DSA has created an online resource designed to help its members plan workshops and other events: Workshop Planning Guide. You will find suggestions on how to market the event to build an audience, and marketing materials to help you design and distribute publicity.

DSA Chapter Event Support

The Chapter and DSA Chapter Outreach Committee will work together to ensure that all Chapter events are planned to succeed. The goal is for the Chapter’s event planners to feel guided and supported by the DSA. Reach out to chapters[at]dalcrozeusa.org with any questions about planning support or financial support.


Event/Chapter Insurance

The DSA provides liability insurance for its Chapters as a function of their role as “branches” or “field offices” of the DSA. In order to obtain a Certificate proving that the Chapter has coverage for an event, the Chapter President must contact the DSA’s Executive Director at least six weeks before the date of the event. The Executive Director will contact the broker and then forward the certificate to the Chapter President.

In the planning and marketing of events, as well as in the registration process, the Chapter needs to adopt particular language and policies consistent with the insurance broker’s guidelines. In addition, attendees must sign a waiver upon registration that releases the DSA of all liability for any accident that occurs during the workshop or event. Contact the Executive Director for this language. 

Member Discounts: The Matching Incentive Policy

Background Information

  • Member recruitment and retention is a huge priority for non-profit member associations and the DSA is no exception. Traditionally, DSA Chapters have played a key role in bringing new members into the DSA and keeping them involved in the life of the organization. One of the ways Chapters typically provide added value for DSA members is by offering discounted admission to Chapter events. In addition to generating higher attendance numbers and increased participation from experienced Dalcroze teachers, offering such discounts is a great way to recruit new DSA members.
  • Since the DSA began chartering Chapters forty years ago, our Chapters have been absorbing the cost of offering these discounts. However, in the time since 2012, when the DSA centralized member enrollment by collecting membership dues directly, a problem emerged: Chapters have had no way to recoup these investments. 
  • The DSA recognizes that such discounts can affect a Chapter’s bottom line, and the DSA is committed to doing whatever it can to ensure that Chapters can operate in the black. For this reason, the DSA will set aside a certain amount to help offset the cost Chapters absorb when they offer member discounts.

Requirements and Eligibility  

  • As a part of the budgeting process the DSA goes through in the spring, the DSA’s Finance Committee needs each chapter to project the amount of money it anticipates investing in member discounts in the forthcoming fiscal year (or, in some cases, the forthcoming pair of fiscal years). 
    • Let’s say your Chapter expects to offer one event in the next fiscal year (that is, between July 1 and June 30) and anticipates offering DSA members a $30 discount on admission. If 10 DSA members attend, then the total investment in member discounts would be $300. In that case, the Finance Committee would need to set aside $150 to offset by half the total amount of that investment. Because chapters’ circumstances differ from one to another, the Finance Committee expects that the numbers will vary from Chapter to Chapter, according to need. 

In order to be eligible, a Chapter will need to submit a projected total of anticipated DSA member discounts to the DSA’s Finance Committee by June 1. 

Participation in this program is optional.