Lesson Plan: Andante from Symphony No. 5

It is such a delight to use this familiar theme. With some tweaks here and there, I enjoy playing the marvelous melody, harmony and modulations of Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Andante.” The students move with rapt attention, responding to the subdivisions of the beat which are inherent in the music.

Begin with a slow tempo. The beat will be subdivided into eights, triplets, and finally sixteenths. The required movement, though exhilarating, can be tiring…especially the sixteenths! As the students recognize the music, I usually express my thanks to Beethoven for his marvelous gift for a Dalcroze lesson.

Hear Joy’s arrangement of Beethoven’s Andante from Symphony No. 5, recorded by Alex Marthaler. The complete sheet music is available in the Lesson Plan.

This lesson was originally published in the “American Dalcroze Journal” Vol. 40, No. 2.

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About Joy Yelin

Joy has taught Dalcroze Studies to educators from all areas of the performing arts at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City, Temple University in Philadelphia, and numerous universities and music conservatories throughout the United States and Canada. Published author of texts for teachers, Joy was Artist in Residence for Westchester NY and Sarasota Florida Council of the Arts and MTNA certified teacher of piano and continues to adapt Dalroze classes for seated seniors.

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